Twilight Wars is an online adaptation of the epic board game Twilight Imperium created by Fantasy Flight Games. Players choose a faction of one of the Great Races of the galaxy and attempt to claim their seat at the throne of Mecatol Rex, the center of the known galaxy, through conquest, politics, and trade.

Twilight Wars provides a new and unique way of playing Twilight Imperium, allowing you to play in real-time, by correspondence through the use of notifications, or a combination of both! Twilight Wars automates all of the intricate rules of Twilight Imperium and handles all of the complexities that arise from different game components interacting with one another, allowing you to spend less time memorizing or enforcing rules and more time developing strategies.

We are not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games, we are simply great admirers. Help support the amazing work done by Fantasy Flight Games and order your copy of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition today!